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30 business books you should read

Here is a list of management books anyone should have read in full. Each of them contains smart curated content by authors who take their readers seriously.

The list is grouped by theme but has no particular order.


  • The goal (it is a novel, a synthesis would be spoiling)
  • Confessions of the pricing man, Hermann Simon (synthesis in this blog)
  • Lève toi et vends (cannot be synthesized)
  • L’obsession du service client, Jonathan Lefèvre (synthétisé)
  • Principles, Ray Dalio


  • How to make friends and influence people, by Carnegie (synthesis in this blog)
  • Getting to yes, by Fisher, Roger, Ury (synthesis in this blog)
  • Everyone communicates, few connect by John Maxwell
  • Influence and manipulation, by Robert Cialdini (synthesis in this blog)
  • What every body is saying, by Joe Navarro (synthesis in this blog)

Communicate clearly

  • The Pyramid Principle, by Barbara Minto
  • Data visualization, Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic (synthesis in this blog)
  • Plain words 
  • Say it with charts, by Gene Zelazny
  • Say it with presentations, by Gene Zelazny 
  • The elements of style

Manage your team

  • The tao of coaching
  • The tools of leadership
  • Who’s got the monkey, Harvard Business Review

Deal with culture differences 

  • The culture map, Erin Meyer
  • When cultures collide
  • Strengthfinder (synthesis in this blog), Clifton Gallup

Manage yourself

  • The time trap (synthsesis in this blog)
  • Leadership and self-deception (Getting out of the box)
  • The 4 hour week, Tim Ferris
  • Heureux comme Cresus, Mickaël Mangot
  • How not to die, Gene Stone et Michael Greger

Take good decisions

  • Vous allez commettre une énorme erreur, Olivier Sibony (synthesis in this blog)
  • The Parkinson Law
  • The Prince, Niccolo Machiavelli

General culture

  • Sapiens (read it all, a synthesis would not do)
  • Save the cat
  • The invible art, Scott Mccloud
  • La fin de l’individu, Gaspard Koenig (synthesis in this blog)
  • 7 days in the art world

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